ICPACT is a collaborative platform that aims to integrate ACT researchers and institutions to advance pediatric ACT research.

The initiative led by Bonald C. Figueiredo (Pequeno Principe Hospital and Research Institute, Curitiba, Brazil), is focused on mapping new members who are dedicated to integrating pediatric ACT research, securing funding for a structured ICPACT website, periodical Workshops hosted by each member and organizing multi-institutional projects.

Under new leadership by Camila Daiggi (starting in November 2024) the goals include launching "The Stage II Project" at the Boldrini Research Center (Campinas – SP, Brazil), implementing the REDCap Boldrini system, convening all ACT researchers and families in an international workshop at the Boldrini Center in November 2024 sponsored by CNRS-IPMC (PI Enzo Lalli), and empowering members to coordinate in different departments (pre-clinical research, clinics, genetics, pathology, epidemiology, etc).

Next Meeting Agenda

Dear all

The link for Meeting on April 5th, 2024 at 6PM (18:00, Curitiba) is Here

We had recent developments, meetings, and discussions related to the ICPACT future to be presented in this next meeting.

Our agenda will include (no more than 75 minutes):

  1. The ICPACT hot site is ready (test version to be improved);
  2. Our visit to Boldrini Research Center (Bonald and Raul) at the end of February
  3. The Stage II project coordinated by Camila Daiggi was approved by the Boldrini Research Center, Campinas, SP, Brazil;
  4. Discussion about the Stage II Project Parameters (Definition of the study population, objectives, working hypothesis, Number of patients needed to confirm or refute the hypothesis, Central pathology review, Authors, Monitoring of work);
  5. Our next Workshop will be partly sponsored by CNRS (IPMC/ Enzo Lalli);
  6. The Boldrini Research Center accepted to Host, support, and raise additional funds for this Workshop in November, 2024;
  7. Camilla Daiggi accepted to organize the ICPACT Workshop and become the ICPACT Chairperson from November 2024 on;
  8. A task for the Biostatistician: to perform Stage II Work 1 analysis (relapsed vs non-relapsed cases after surgery without including other therapies) after the Survey (REDCap do Boldrini). The role of each parameter will require bench work to be further discussed;
  9. An interesting ACC case admitted at stage I (Raul Ribeiro)
  10. Other subjects: invite new members…

Bonald C. Figueiredo, MD, PhD

ICPACT-GM Coordinator (2023-2024)

Sci. Director – Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Res. Institute

Coordinator – PhD Program in Biotechnology Applied to Pediatrics

Faculdades Pequeno Príncipe


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